When it comes to children, it’s always “safety first.”Chrome40C features a fully-welded steel frame with smooth, rounded plastic covers, ensuring a safe learning environment without sacrificing superior structural integrity. You can store, secure and charge up to 40 tablets, Chromebooks and netbooks under 14”. And its intelligent charging system plus straightforward cable management make it an ideal choice for satisfying any charging needs.

Child-safe design

The cart's steel frame is welded into a complete metal skeleton (no screws!), after which the seams are smoothed to a round finish and covered in protective, eco-friendly plastic, leaving no exposed corners or sharp edges. The hinges on the steel double doors are cleverly placed on the inside of the doors to protect students from potential injuries to their hands and fingers.

Easy loading and charging

Chrome40C's wide storage slots are designed to fit a variety of Chromebooks, netbooks and tablets. The slim and sturdy metal dividers and sliding trays allow for easy storage and removal of mobile devices power adapters are stored in individual compartments for added convenience, while the repositionable cable clips keep power cables neat and organized.

Intelligent charging system

The intelligent charging system optimizes total charging time by dynamically evaluating the power demand of each of the four charging zones and efficiently allocating electrical current to the devices that need it most. Additionally, 4 LED status indicators monitor charging status of each zone.

Safe & secure storage

Protect against theft and vandalism with the durable steel construction and 3-point locking mechanisms found on both the front and rear double doors. Chrome40C keeps your most valuable ICT investment safe and secure.

Convenient operation

Non-skid surface and 4 AC courtesy outlets allow users to run other devices such as a document camera or a laptop on top of it, doubling up as a safe and secure work surface.
  • storage/charging capacity: 40 tablets, Chromebooks and/or netbooks under 14” (please refer to the slot dimensions below)
  • LED status indicators: solid blue: charge; flashing blue: quick charge mode
  • lockable doors: yes, front and rear double doors with individual three-point locking mechanisms
  • storage drawers: two 20-bay rows on sliding rails
  • cable management: individual AC adapter storage compartments and repositionable cable clips
  • wall mount hook: optional (upon manufacture)
  • swivel casters: yes, four 5” medical grade casters (2 lockable)
  • charge optimization mechanism: yes
  • external power outlet: yes, 4 country-specific AC courtesy outlets grouped separately from rear power strips AC 220V ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz, 2A AC 100V ~ 120V, 50 / 60Hz, 4A
  • power system: 4 grouped 10-plug power strips with independent circuit overload protection AC 220V~240V, 50/60Hz; input: 8A, output: 6A AC 100V~120V, 50/60Hz; input: 12A, output: 8A
  • slot dimensions : 28 x 250 x 364 mm
  • cart dimensions : 970 x 1027 x 620 mm
  • cart weight : 87kg (191.8lbs)
  • warranty: 10-year limited warranty for cart and tray 5-year limited warranty for electrical parts
  • package content: Chrome40C charge cart, AC adapter compartments, user manual, power cord, 40 cable clip pairs

The list price of Chrome40C:

gross: 685 800Ft.

net:   540 000 Ft

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