When it comes to children, it’s always 'safety first.' Tab40C features a fully-welded steel frame and smooth plastic covers, ensuring a safe learning environment without sacrificing superior structural integrity. Store, secure and charge up to 40 tablets at one time and easily remove slot partitions to accommodate larger items. Put your mind at ease with the dependable and versatile Tab40C.

Child-safe design

The cart's steel frame is welded into a complete metal skeleton (no screws!), after which the seams are smoothed to a round finish and covered in protective, eco-friendly plastic, leaving no exposed corners or sharp edges. The hinges on the steel double doors are cleverly placed on the inside of the doors to protect students from potential injuries to their hands and fingers.

Customizable slots

The 28mm-wide, 364mm-deep customizable charging slots allows for storing a wide variety of tablets – with or without protective covers. The partitions are easily removed to afford you greater flexibility when storing large items, such as AVer visualizers.

Fast & safe charging

You can simultaneously charge up to 40 iPad, Android and/or Windows® tablets. What's more, the Tab40C is protected by the industry's only 5-year standard warranty for electrical components.

Secure your investment

The robust, fully-welded steel frame, steel double doors and three-point locking mechanisms found on both the front and rear doors of Tab40C make breaking into the cart a daunting task for any would-be thief.

Easy operation

With dual ergonomic handles, 4 AC courtesy outlets, painless cable management and remarkably quiet 5” medical-grade casters, Tab40C goes a long way to take the physical discomfort out of the device management.


AC adapter storage compartments

  • Storage/Charging Capacity: 40 tablets
  • LED Status Indicators: Solid blue: Charge
  • Lockable Doors: Yes, front and rear double doors with individual three-point locking mechanisms
  • Storage Drawers: Two fixed 20-bay rows
  • Cable Management: Repositionable cable clips
  • Wall Mount Hook: Optional (upon manufacture)
  • Swivel casters: Yes, four 5" medical-grade casters (2 lockable)
  • External power outlet: Yes, 4 country-specific AC courtesy outlets grouped separately from rear power strips AC 220V ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz, 2A AC 100V ~ 120V, 50 / 60Hz, 4A
  • Power System: 4 grouped 10-plug power strips with independent circuit overload protection AC 220V~240V, 50/60Hz; input: 8A, output: 6A AC 100V~120V, 50/60Hz; input: 12A, output: 8A
  • Slot Dimensions: 28 x 250 x 364 mm
  • Cart Dimensions: 970 x 1000x 620 mm
  • Cart Weight: 87kg
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty for cart and tray, 5-year warranty for electrical components

The list price of Tab40C:

gross: 609 600 Ft.

net: 480 000 Ft

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